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A sweet, quiet girl, Brittany Kendall shows how her studies in sexology are progressing. Professional service-cock JMac will be testing Brittany’s knowledge.

Brittany’s friend recommended she model for SCORE so she took his suggestion and contacted us. When someone says her most-fun job is stripping, you know you have a live wire on your hands. She was ready to step up her game and ready to make that happen right.

Brittany has a blonde beach-bunny look. That’s because she is one, from San Diego, California. But she has no suntan or bikini-lines. She is fair-skinned and creamy. With natural 36FF-cups. JMac comes behind her and begins bouncing and jiggling her boobs. Her nipples visibly enlarge as he does his jug-juggling act.

He asks her what her favorite position is and she tells him doggie-style. Yes, she has been tit-fucked before, Brittany says. Then he turns her around to lift up her skirt and spank her soft, pink bottom.

Brittany moans in a baby-doll voice the entire time she’s being fondled and her tits pulled and squeezed. He pulls off her panties and puts Brittany on a couch. Her legs open and his fingers sink deep into her pussy. It’s just as pink as the rest of her. Sucking on her right nipple, he spanks her pussy, his fuck-finger pistoning inside her.

Brittany’s prick-eating and tit-fucking skills are very impressive. She’s a quick study and learns fast. Brittany may be a quiet girl when it comes to dirty-talking but that’s because there’s still a bashfulness inside her and she’s not used to sexing on-camera. This shyness is a good thing and adds to her girl-next-door appeal. Brittany has a virginal quality about her, although she says she has sex twice a week and has fucked outdoors, in a public bathroom and in a three-way hook-up.

When they start fucking, Brittany is on top lowering herself onto his pole. She explodes as she’s pounded in a slew of horny positions, including the wild pile-driver. At one point, JMac picks Brittany up and fucks her as she holds on while he’s standing, gravity driving his dick in deeper.

Date: September 18, 2020